When Moving Raises Your Car Insurance Quotes

Relocating is always a hassle, with so many details to organize and arrange. Why should car insurance complicate things further?

Everyone wants the most coverage for the least amount of money when it comes to his or her car insurance policy. Using an accurate way to factor in all the risks and issues you incorporate into your policy is important.

Comparing car insurance quotes becomes even more important when relocating. Different zip codes means different risk factors and new rates. There are some moves that are particularly expensive, but obtaining a reliable quote can save you money even at this crucial juncture.

Every provider has their own baseline and their own means of figuring your new rate. Why not find the best rate for the area? It makes sense to shop around and obtain the best quote available ahead of time.

Carriers use a series of information to determine the risk factors involved in providing you coverage, such as:

  • Location: The number of claims and severity of claims in the area
  • Age of driver: Younger drivers have higher premiums
  • Driving record: Safe drivers often receive discounts

However, location is often the starting point for rate estimates. Relocating can save you money, or could cost you a bundle.

According to 2014 research from CarInsurance.com, five city-to-city moves ranked as the most expensive:

  • Bullhead City, Arizona ($702), to Detroit, Michigan ($4,599) = 555 percent increase
  • Lake Havasu City, Arizona ($711), to Brooklyn, NY ($4,133) = 481 percent increase
  • Kingman, Arizona ($714), to Dearborn, Michigan ($4,006) = 461 percent increase
  • Falmouth, Maine ($730), to Bronx, New York, ($3,789) = 419 percent increase
  • Chloride, Arizona ($731), to New Orleans, Louisiana ($3,530) = 383 percent increase

Not only can changing locations cost you money, but your policy and its coverage will need to be modified as well.

New State Equals New Laws

Reviewing your current policy and researching new providers is another critical element when relocating. You want a policy tailored to your needs and the most coverage for the least amount of money possible. Minimum coverage requirements vary from state to state. Some states do not require certain aspects of coverage. Obtain a quote for your new location so you are aware of any amendments or changes your policy will need.

Saving Time Will Save You Money!

You are allowed a window of time after your move to change policy. For most states it is within 10-60 days. You should notify your current provider of your new address and use this time to compare rates and adjust your policy as needed.

Have your new policy in place prior to cancellation of the previous policy. This will not only keep you insured, but coverage is less expensive when uninterrupted. Be mindful of policy cancellation fees or refunds as well.

Gathering all the information you can is the first step. Comparing car insurance quotes with a reliable site can save you time and money. After you attain the information from a reliable source all that is left is to make the decision that is right for you.

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